The start

Born in Milan in 2017.
Retouche makes of our passions,
our new challenges.

We bring you accessories
that instead of eclipsing your style,
elevate it.

Embrace the warmth of retouche,
and never ever look back.

Socks are just the start.
Our first touch.

The origin

Among the countless treasures
of the land of Egypt, there is
a temple of knowledge
that is unique in the world,
dedicated exclusively to cotton.

Experience this pure gift of nature,
as simple as it is beautiful.
Woven exclusively to touch your life.

From the sacred land of the Nile
to the foothills of the Alps, unrivalled
Italian craftsmanship and design.

Store locations



Via dei Bossi, 8 - 20121 MI - Italy

Eligo Milano

Corso Venezia, 18 - 20121 MI - Italy

L'Officina del Calzolaio

Via Genova Thaon Di Revel ang. Piazza Spotorno - 20159 MI - Italy


Coming Soon

Masel | Via dei Bossi, 8

Via dei Bossi, 8, Milano, MI, Italia

Eligo Milano | Corso Venezia, 18

Corso Venezia, 18, Milano, MI, Italia

L'Officina del Calzolaio | Via Genova Thaon di Revel ang. Piazza Spotorno

L'Officina del Calzolaio, Via Genova Thaon di Revel, Милан, Италия

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